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Mandy is a true professional whilst remaining very approachable. Her style is practical and down to earth and she combines her passion for supporting the troubled with a lovely sense of humour putting her participants at ease and creating a wonderful learning environment for all

“An extremely educational experience pitched at the right level for the audience. The manner in which each of the sessions was presented allowed all attending to reflect on the content  while providing opportunities to share our own insights and experiences along with being able to ask questions in a safe and respectful learning environment. I enjoyed the two days immensely”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the content of this course with us in an easy and practical way”

“WOW…what a fantastic instructor. So clear and precise. So willing to listen to everyone’s opinions and acknowledge them in a lovely way. What a beautiful person. Thank you Mandy”

“Mandy has a clear, concise and articulate presentation style that also invites conversation and clarification of points if required. Mandy is a very engaging, informed and professional facilitator”

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